Thankyou for all your support, please let us know what you think below for Young Builders to continue to be a successful project…we appreciate all constructive feedback!



So excited about this project. The first time I have left my daughter alone and she is so happy. Usually she cries and she stayed the whole time and loved it!


Thankyou for this club, both of my children enjoyed it so much. (Ehsan and Aaquilahs mum)

My daughter enjoyed the time she had here and is very happy and excited to have this experience.

Its really handy for my kids to have somewhere to go where they are stimulated and looked after.

My children had a great time and we are hoping there will be another club soon!

My son really loved this club and talks about it nonstop!!

My son enjoyed his time here a lot and is very happy and talking about what he did to the whole family! Thankyou

It was a fantastic experience. Thankyou for your lovely staff!!! Happy to come again anytime.

It was a great experience for my kids. They enjoyed being creative and had something enjoyable to do! Thankyou

Thankyou so much for all the wonderful things you guys have done over the last 2 weeks.Very entertaining for the kids and gave the parents a much needed rest. Thanks a million.

Everyone is extremely nice and very helpful, my son was very happy here and couldn’t wait to be back!!!

Kind, nice and helpful, very good people thankyou for having us.

My daughter is very very happy, thankyou for being so amazing. (Antoninas mum)

It was a very nice and friendly experience for my son, we enjoyed it a lot. Thanks

Alex mum