MOVE was founded in 2012 by Rachael Johnson, a young mother, graduate and community worker.

After working in local communities across West London, she felt disheartened by the experiences her clients were facing. Having ‘falling through the net’ from alcohol, drug & domestic abuse, isolation and mental health issues, she witnessed the isolation, loneliness and depression that came from feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of society with nowhere and no-one to turn to, from the young people to the elderly, she saw a need for communities to move closer together and share their experiences.

Additionally working in schools daily, promoting sexual health and positive relationship education, she became aware of the work needed in order to assist our young people in achieving healthy teen and adulthoods.

Based in Hammersmith & Fulham, MOVE aims to address and respond to the fast pace existence of inner city living, which can leave people feeling isolated, depressed and at times confused with what their community has to offer them.

We create spaces for people to do what people do best, connect, share, grow and build stories together.



Our m​ission ​is to create projects that improve the quality of people’s lives, their prospects and potential in the places they live, with the aim of empowering and engaging the individual in positive experiences.

Moving people closer together and creating spaces for community dialogue through our work can begin to tackle issues such as depression, anti social behaviour, crime, and loneliness.




MOVEs overall aims are:

Providing bespoke workshops, projects and events that combine continuous personal development with creative education and sports.

Establishing close relationships with other community organisations and agencies, to provide the most appropriate pathways and signposting to benefit both clients and partner agencies.

Set a benchmark in community practise within the youth and community work that we carry out.


Our objectives are to:

Develop relevant and effective workshops & projects, which encourage people to overcome their obstacles, envision a better future and empower them to take the steps towards it.

Increase awareness and access to support systems available and operating in local communities.

Promote a cross-sector approach to tackling youth related issues alongside schools, community organisations and parents.

Develop safe and creative platforms for young people to talk about the day-to-day issues they face and opportunities to access the guidance, support and tools they need to make informed decisions regarding their life choices.

Encourage strong community role models for socially vulnerable young people who promote healthy self esteem and to ways to develop a true sense of pride in their abilities and identity.


Find out more about how we work: MOVE Methodology




Statistics & Information to follow…


Visit our Projects page to see some of our work so far