As much as loneliness is a state of mind, it can become a reality and one that is important in combating.

It is important we consider feeling of loneliness and depression as a sign and friendly reminder (even if it doesn’t feel nice) that we want more, a change from life.


1. Reach out.

Find a counselor or therapist to help you work through your feelings of loneliness and where they originate. There is a likelihood your feelings are triggered by old memories of feeling isolated and alone as a child. Loneliness is designed to focus our attention on what’s going on inside so use it as an opportunity!


2. Help others or volunteer.

This can take the emphasis off feelings about yourself and allow you to focus your energy into something that brings you experiences and a feeling of being useful.


3. Find people who share your interests and values.

Go to activities / workshops. Use the internet to find groups of people with interests similar to yours. Attend sports or creative workshops, church or spiritual groups with people who share your beliefs.
Communicate with people who make you feel good regularly, set up a weekly coffee date or meet up to make time for people important to you. Spend less time with people who you don’t feel good around, this is a sign they are not right for you.


4. Pursue your dreams and goals.

It is never too late to try something new. Enroll in a local course, Open University or activity to learn new skills and change your life!

5. Try not to give your thoughts too much power.

Recognise when you are low or tired and give your mind/ body a rest by doing something nurturing for yourself.

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