MOVE Methodology




We believe in people power

People carry the key to their own empowerment and have the power to change their own lives if they are given the tools and support to tap into it.
The way we support this is by creating spaces to inform, educate and empower people of all ages and backgrounds.

We take into account the emotional and practical needs of service users. If you can understand why someone is behaving in the way that they are then you can start to have a different, more authentic conversation with them, which often leads to different outcomes.

 Our culture as a business is based on honesty -with others but most importantly with yourself- and the motivation to be the best person you can be regardless of where you are or have been in life.

The 4 core values at the heart of MOVE:


Motivation is a driving force that can only come from within and is essential to implement any positive change and move forward. A person cannot create a better life unless they are motivated to change their circumstances and try something different.


We encourage people to overcome any issues and barriers which are blocking peace, positivity and a person being who they truly want to be. Working with like minded partners and referring/signposting clients to relevant support services in our network. Commitment to this process is key.


If we envision a better version of our community and ourselves we are actively changing and creating it from within. We encourage positive life coaching skills within our work to support people in creating a vision, realising their potential, acquiring the confidence to achieve it.


To empower someone is to give them the tools to help themselves, so they can grow and develop. We aim to do this by supporting people with a space for authentic connection and expression, which can make a real difference to people’s lives. Offering constructive advice & coping strategies,  as well as providing people with practical support through signposting and building strong links to other community organisations.


Through our work MOVE aims to highlight various social issues which we believe to be affecting people in our communities from accessing support and moving forward in their lives, particularly those who are vulnerable and at risk.

Isolation, Belonging and Loneliness

Depression, Negative Thinking and Low Self Esteem

Social Mobility and Educating Communities

Domestic Abuse and Building Healthy Relationships

Sports and Active Lifestyles

Developing Life Skills, Personal Awareness and Positive Identity