Hello, please introduce yourself to our readers!

Hello my name is Jonathan Mahoto.

I am Head Coach at French Federation for Double Dutch and my work is to share and develop this sport.

What inspired you to start Double Dutch?

At first I thought Double Dutch was a sports for girls and then I saw some people do some gymnastics, break dancing and some other crazy things…so I said to myself, I have to do this.

At this time it was maybe 17 years old, I was a hip hop dancer so I just tried to put everything I knew in hip hop dance inside this sport and from this time until now I have never stopped doing this sport.


What does Double Dutch mean to you?

For me it’s a way of life, it means all my life.

Since I begin this sport, I’ve met a lot of people who do jump rope and its one world. There is nothing to compare it really with another sport or another world because in this sport we are all family, even if we are against each other in competitions when its time to practice, we can practice with everybody, its our link. It is one world, we share this passion altogether.

How do you see Double Dutch effecting positive change in the communities you work in?

The thing is to do Double Dutch, there has to be a minimum of three persons, and to succeed in Double Dutch you have to help each other.

You can’t succeed in Double Dutch by yourself, you need people to help you. When I help someone to do well in Double Dutch I help myself too because it will come back to me because its my team. So if you think of this, you apply the same thing in a group of 20 or 30, everybody has to count on everybody.

Someone has to watch my back and someone else look out for me on my front …we work together to be better.



What inspired you to start your Double Dutch academy – Just Jumpers ?

Nothing inspired me, It was just natural for me do it. The woman who did it before me, she was the boss of the academy and when I was a student she became pregnant and she stopped. So there are two things. The first thing is to go quiet and then no one will jump…or I say even if I’m young, I was eighteen then, I can do it.

So I just tried to teach kids and keep going with them and do the same work she did before, and then I opened my own school. That was four years ago and now me and my team mate Jennifer run 2 schools of Double Dutch, with one hundred and fifty kids.

What is your vision for yourself and jump rope?

My vision for myself is that this sport will go to the Olympics. Last time people were displaying Double Dutch at Olympics and this year the girl who holds the Olympic flame is a jumper too. Its crazy and she is in Rio and she is running with the flame today. (Summer 2016)

My dream was to do Olympics but now its too late but I hope for my jumpers they get to go to Olympics to compete in jump rope.

Why you do think Double Dutch has taken off in Paris, America and Japan but not in London?

Its not too big in London because nobody wants to take care of it, but now there is JUMP LDN!


How do you see that its impacted the schools you work in?

It’s changed a lot of things, no more fights between kids, as they know they need each other to succeed.
There are competitions between classes and also schools. All the kids they know that they need each other in order to win. So now everything is, I don’t like to say its magic, but when you implement jump rope, many problems can fade quickly.

What does a successful Double Dutch team look like for you?

A good team is someone who can do freestyle inside the rope. They can mix everything, good communication, teamwork, cohesion and also results in competitions.

Personally when your coaching and in life if you come across personal challenges and issues how you come overcome yourself, as you, Jonathan?

The thing is when I want something I will do everything I can to do it. I may lose, but I will lose just because they are better than me, not because I give up.

This is in anything I do, before I was playing basketball and I also do Kizomba.

They say I am the best in Kizomba, I just train and practice.
I always try to do my best in everything I do.


Where is your community?

My community is the world, its not just Paris, not just my city.

The thing is we have people who jump rope all over the world.
When you are World Champion you are invited everywhere to do clinics, we give clinics everywhere in USA, South America, Europe, Dubai, Japan and Hong Kong. Everywhere!

All these people we meet, will never forget it. So everywhere we want to go or even live, they welcome us, they take care of us.

In your travels around the world what’s the best thing you’ve seen in other communities?

It was in French Guyana, in the Northeast coast of South America. It’s French colonised, they don’t have the same money like us, they speak French and it’s a very poor community but when we were there we felt like we were at home.

They do not have a lot of things, but they impacted my life because they have so little, not even shoes…. but they just want to succeed in jump rope. I was in my shoes doing flips, they were bare foot and doing the same things, it was all heart.

What does it take for someone to to lead Double Dutch?

The problem is not to lead it, but to keep going and motivate kids to come.

To have someone open the gym, close the gym… In France, sometimes its parents, who open a club of jump rope, the parents manage everything but you need to have one person who can analyse what is good for jump rope what is bad and what they have to work on. If you get a jumper and they develop a skill and they get better they will be motivated to come back, if they just stay at the same level, all year the same thing, it will be boring for them and maybe they stop coming, so you have to motivate them every time.

What has been your most memorable moment since opening school four years ago?Its this year, my little ones got to the world championship and they won, they were eleven years old and they were against twenty-five years old because they got good points and I cried.

What inspires you daily?

My inspiration is I believe in human beings.

The thing is to just do things together, be together try to to take the best of everyone I meet in my life.


Life is…..


My greatest lesson …

when I lose I have to do everything to win.

I like

My life

I don’t like

People who don’t like life!



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