It is proven that children who are inactive are less likely to become active as adults. Lack of interest in physical activities is a habit that can be very hard to break.

Childhood obesity is on the rise along with health risks there can also be potential social and psychological problems leading to depression and low self-esteem later in life.

Here are 6 tips to get your child moving and have fun at the same time!

1. Create An Obstacle Course

Involve the whole family to set up an indoor or outdoor obstacle course. Make up signs for what to do at each challenge. Use your imagination!

-Jump or skip 10 times with a jump rope
-Use a ladder flat on the ground to run through like the football players
-Do ten push-ups
-Hula Hoop
-Crawl under a table
-Throw bean bags into a bucket or laundry basket
-Draw with chalk and HOP
-Do ten jumping jacks
-Jump on one leg from point A to point B

2. Set Up A Family Sports Day

Get some friends and family together , divide into teams and have some fun!

Egg and Spoon Race
Tug of War
Three-legged race

3. Go For A Hike

Get outside and explore. Pack some food and water and go to your local park, forest or national park.
Hiking is a great way to build your childrens character by teaching them persistence, patience and just going with the flow.
Plan somewhere interesting to visit. Sometimes the biggest challenge is just getting out the front door…but its always worth it!!!

4. Family Swimming

A great way to tire out the kids and create lasting memories. Pack your bag and play games in the pool with a ball or floats.

5. Go Bike Riding!!!

Rent or borrow some bikes, make sure you plan a safe journey and explore your local area! Large parks are great if you live in the city and allow children the space to explore.

6. Sign your child up to a class

This may not be easy if you are a low income family with more than 1 child. However if you can get your child involved in one activity such as football, dance, parkour, double dutch or gymnastics, your child has a chance to make friends and learn a new skill at the same time!

(There are organisations that can help to fund extra curricular activities for children…we aim to provide a list in our Community section soon)

It can take some effort to organise activities for  kids and the family, but the reward is well worth it. Not only are you living well, you’re also setting an example for your kids that is invaluable, and the quality time will become memories you and your kids will cherish forever.


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By Rachael Johnson

Founder of MOVE LDN.


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