FLY was run initially in 2012 as an 8 Week -Young Mothers Project at the Masbro Centre in Hammersmith & Fulham.

The project explored themes around identity, self esteem, healthy relationships, sexual health, goal setting and positive parenting skills.

During the process we began to witness the increasingly co-dependent and at times abusive relationships our young women were having and a need developed to work with girls, before they entered into relationships, to create space for young females to identify their beliefs, needs & values and to highlight the issues that females mask at the cost of their own mental and physical wellbeing.

First Love Yourself is a project that exists to create a safe space for  females to explore what is means to be a girl and to love themselves before they look for it in the outside world.


The project aims to empower  females developmental needs in their transition from girlhood into adulthood.

We draw on the experience of therapists and social practitioners in the fields of counselling, trauma, mental health and youth work to provide a project that addresses the root of our addiction to looking outside of ourselves for love and how we can break negative cycles.

We have worked in primary & secondary schools, Pupil Referral Units, Colleges & Sixth Forms across West London and have partnered with various organisations to provide a supportive and informative space for their young women.

We aim to provide:

To create a safe, trauma informed space

Deliver inspiring, engaging content

Empower females by providing tools and language to deal with life

Provide an inclusive, female centred provision

Promote positive communication and tackle bullying.

We run one hour, half / full day workshops, projects and also provide 1-2-1 mentoring for females aged 10+

If you would like to work in our team, partner with us or find out more please contact us.

I’m looking at going to Uni now. I’m much happier, confident and motivated and so looking forward to the unknowns of my future. Thankyou so much FLY . Course Attendee

I really needed this when it came along. You gave me time and space to just be me. Thankyou

Course Attendee

It was supportive, encouraging and motivating. It gave me back my self esteem and confidence. I learnt to not believe all the negative things people say and think of me. I am glad I attended because it made a difference in my life when i needed it.

Course Attendee