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July 25, 2016

At MOVE we are always looking for ways to be healthy, in mind and body.

To live well, we must take care of our physical health by eating well, using safe products and exercising.

We were delighted with the selection of goodies given to us by family run business based in Hammersmith & Fulham – Xpresslife.

They provide the community with a range of quality products from tea, powder and capsules to creams and oils- using super plant Moringa.


Moringa is a super plant that is a natural multi-vitamin. It is full of vitamins and minerals that are essential for everyone.

We were given: Moringa tablets, powder, oil, raw seeds and Moringa & Chamomile Tea.

The tablets are a great way of ingesting the super health benefits of Moringa (especially if you find the raw seeds taste too bitter). I noticed a difference in my general health/energy levels after taking them for 2 days!

Moringa & Chamomile Tea bags… These teabags are light and refreshing for the morning but also really comforting and soothing for anytime of day. They taste so good that they’ve replaced all the green tea I used to drink!


My skin has never felt better. My eyes have had shopping trolleys…not bags…under them since I had my lovely daughter 10 months ago. I put some under my eyes before bed and the next day I looked brand new! Honestly from this day forth Moringa oil I will never go without. Great for many skin ailments including eczema and stretch marks, I use it now as a daily night treatment for my skin.

An added goodie we received was the Shea butter & coconut oil paste (available later in the year), a nourishing indulgent hand and body butter which melts in your hand, my skin literally soaks up the moisture. For mums it is great as its all natural so perfect for babies and children. I currently carry this little tub everywhere I go.

Read more about Moringas benefits & check out more health enriching products at

Competition: To win an Xpress Life Starter Pack (runner up – Printed Jute shopper bag) please subscribe to our mailing list and email us why you need moringa in your life!

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By Rachael Johnson

Founder of MOVE LDN.


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