The things that make us human are far greater than the things which make us different.



Our global history has seen the world as a distant landscape of countries with separate cultures, faiths and ways of living…but with the internet and globalisation making the world a much smaller place…isn’t it time to move our communities closer together and share what we do and how we do it best?

To share the best practise of what we do in the places we live and how we do it, in order to grow and move forward as a collective.


MOVE are exploring the idea of community by asking:

What makes an effective community?


How can communities support people through their most vulnerable and loneliest moments?


What initiatives and projects are in place in other parts of the world that are yet to benefit and empower people from similar backgrounds in other countries?


Ultimately what ways can we change our local and worldwide community for the better?


We aim to build a picture of communities around the world and how they provide for and empower their inhabitants not just to exist…but to live.

Examples the world already benefits from are:

Community gatherings such as New York block parties which creates a sense of freedom and unity, often within deprived and struggling communities by providing food, music and positive connection to community.

Mothers babysitting / carpooling/ food sharing networks which relieve daily stresses of childcare/ transport and cooking to support new and struggling parents.


Rooftop beekeeping on city rooftops (another New York concept) which helps the environment…There are so many amazing things going on in this world…its time to start pulling it all together!!!



 If you would like us to feature the community that you live in, please send us a photo, information about who you are, what you do and why your community/initiative is something other people should take notice of.

It could help families, vulnerable people, relieve transport issues, alleviate stress, save time, energy or reduce waste…we would love to hear it all!

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