MOVE was founded in 2012 by Rachael Johnson, a young mother, graduate, facilitator and community entrepreneur.

After working in disadvantaged communities across West London, I felt disheartened by the experiences my clients were facing.

Alcohol & drug abuse, negative relationships, isolation and mental health issues were symptoms of the loneliness and depression they faced which came from feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of society with nowhere and no-one to turn to.

Our mission is to create and promote projects that improve the quality of people’s lives, their prospects and potential in the places they live, with the aim of empowering and engaging the individual & communities.


  • Our aim is to develop relevant and effective workshops, projects and events which combine personal development with creative education and sports.
  • Create safe and creative spaces within communities for people to move closer together, feel empowered and access opportunities & support they need to make informed life choices.
  • Provide strong community role models for socially vulnerable young people.


Find out more about how we work: MOVE Methodology