MOVE is a community organisation operating in West London, which delivers
bespoke workshops, projects and events combining personal development,
creative education and sports as a tool to unite and build stronger

Founded in 2012 by Rachael Johnson, a youth/community facilitator &
social entrepreneur, the organisation aims to respond to the
reality of inner city living and our modern world, which can leave individuals of all backgrounds
feeling isolated, depressed and at times confused with what their community
has to offer them.

After working in “disadvantaged communities” across West London, I felt disheartened by the reality people were experiencing.

Alcohol & drug abuse, gangs, negative relationships, isolation and mental health issues were symptoms of the loneliness and depression people faced, which came from feeling overwhelmed by the pressures of society with nowhere and no-one to turn to.

MOVE was created with the idea in mind that we all deserve positive community spaces to learn, connect and thrive.

For MOVE our mission starts by creating safe, informative
and inspiring spaces for people to ‘move together’,
mentally & physically. Improving the quality of
people’s lives in the places they live & work, with a focus on
empowering the individual & in doing so the whole

We have done this through our various
projects including FLY
(First Love Yourself) Project and JUMP LDN (Double
Dutch Skipping). We also partner with other like
minded organisations and run creative & educational
community events & workshops.

We are a small team of dedicated and active
facilitators with a passion for working in personal and
community development.


Our Aims :

– Develop relevant and effective workshops
& projects which combine personal
development, creative education & sports.

– Create safe spaces within communities to
inform & empower people.

– Provide positive experiences & community role models for
socially disadvantaged young people.


Find out more about how we work: MOVE Methodology