7 Ways to Keep Love Alive!

All relationships need to have a solid foundation to reach their highest potential. This are based on your values, personality and needs. What you focus on in your relationships with others. Here are 7 ways to keep relationships free flowing and positive.

1. Emotional Responsibility – Awareness and respect are key to a loving relationship. Own your stuff and talk to each other about the personal struggles you face.

2. Compassion – Practise kindness, acceptance and empathy. We are all in the same boat trying to make sense of the world!

3. Connection – Warmth, affection, laughter and fun. Enjoy each other 🙂

4. Time – Enjoy time together and alone. Take time to nurture the relationship you have with yourself as well as your partner. Share hobbies and friends, but also have your own interests.

5. Learning through conflict – Arguments are opportunities to learn more about each other and ourselves. Talk, reflect and seek counselling if necessary. Be on the same team, not against each other.

6. Trust – Trust each others intentions and support joy and success in each others lives.

7. Spark – Nurture your physical, emotional and intellectual connection but going out, travelling and always committing to loving each other.


Good Luck



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By Rachael Johnson

Founder of MOVE LDN.


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