6 Ways To Be Good To Yourself

The modern world can be a challenging and stressful environment and for those of us living in a big city which is forever busy and bustling, it can often leave us feeling tired and drained. It is important to take care on ourselves before we try and take on everything else.

Here are 6 ways we have found the most effective!

1. Be in Nature  – The great outdoors are a great way to release yourself from stress and a reminder of the mystery and wonder of life! Even if you live in the city, go for a walk or take a picnic to the park, visit your local city farm or swimming pool, as these are great ways of connecting to nature and our selves.


2. Pamper Yourself – Grab some epsom salts & your favourite essential oils, light some candles and bliss out in the healing power of water.


3. Write affirmations on post its around your house –write at least 3 positive things abut yourself – show yourself compassion, warmth and self love.


4. Focus on the good in yourself & others. Instead of focusing on what you don’t like, try to look at the good and watch how it shifts your energy and makes you feel better and relax.


5. Have fun! – Put yourself around people that make you laugh, support you and enjoy your company.


6. Express yourself – Be creative- talk, sing, dance, paint, draw, play, write! Whatever allows your feelings and thoughts to flow.

What do you do when you want to be good to you?

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By Rachael Johnson

Founder of MOVE LDN.


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