We spoke to 5 parents who have great relationships with their children of many different ages, we asked them how they developed such a great bond and these were some of the responses…

1 – Relate to them: What were you like when you were their age? Talk to them about that. What did you like? What memories do you have? Ask them what they think about different topics, children are always questioning the world they live in, don’t be afraid to explore that with them!

If they are very young, get down to their level and see the world through their eyes. Play on the floor, look at the world and imagine what it must be like for your child!

2 – Cook: Your favourite meals or snacks are a great way to teach your child a family recipe or just spend time with them and then eat delicious food after! Don’t worry about the mess, make memories that your child will remember 🙂

3 – Play a sport together: It’s a great way to start conversation and take the pressure off talking about anything in particular!
Throw a ball, skip, go bike riding or try and do somersaults and cartwheels, you don’t have to spend money.

4 – Believe in them and show it:  Statements like “I believe in you”, “I know you’re capable…”, “I know you can if you try”….are empowering statements that fill a child with self belief and warmth.

5 – Play with Lego! – This is one of the most relaxing things parents and children can do together. Build and use your imaginations. It also gives you an insight into what your child thinks about when they create their own unique designs.

Do you have any advice for other parents reading this???

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