4 Areas of Your Life You Should Not Neglect



Focus on these 4 things and watch your life become more balanced and fulfilling…

Social: Be open to the people around you and learn from them for they are in your life for a reason. Invest in your family and friendships by showing people you care, call them, arrange get togethers, make a big deal about little things. Life is to be celebrated!

Spiritual: If you don’t believe in God or a higher power, even just having faith that everything will be ok and life can be great (if we allow it to be)┬áis a great faith to have. Taking time to reflect an appreciate what you have can be a powerful thing, especially during hard times. Faith can bring us peace, acceptance and understanding as well as opportunity to meet like minded people.

Physical: Moving our bodies is crucial to our health, 30 minutes of exercise a day can change everything! It can also move energy flow around improving our mood and general outlook on life.
As well as exercise, take time to appreciate your body. Take time to pamper yourself, satisfy your senses through touch, smell, food and music.

Emotional: Our routine, hobbies and the people we spend the most time with can have a big impact on our emotional state. Pay attention to what brings you joy and stay focused on it. Leave the rest behind…life is just too short!

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By Rachael Johnson

Founder of MOVE LDN.


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