12 Steps to Protecting Your Child

Our children are the most important little beings in our lives, no matter how old they are.

None of us ever want to imagine being without our children, but the truth is, they may be in a situation where we wont be there to protect them.

As parents, we need to prepare our children for such situations. This protection guide lists twelve basic steps towards making sure our children are prepared for situations where we may not be present.

  1. Does your child know your address?
  2. Your phone number?
  3. Where you work?
  4. How to dial 999?
  5. Who to call if you did not wake up one morning?
  6. Who to seek for help when in public places?
  7. Do you have a distress code with your child?
  8. Does your child have a male role model?
  9. Does your child know what to do if you had an intruder?
  10. Does your child know what to do if there is a fire?
  11. Does your child know what to do if you were separated by a train or bus?
  12. Have you got a network set u for your child (A group of people that can join hands to look after your child) in you’re absence?


Please note that this is a guide and age factor is to be considered. We advise you teach your child until they know. The minute a child can recite a nursery rhyme they can recite their postal address.


Author: Abi Ajiboluwa


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